Dimivision presents: the 18 jams of ’18

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, and before diving head first into 2019 it’s time for a look back on fantastic year of music. So much choice, so little time…but I managed to get myself a little list anyway. Here’s what my year in music looked…eum…sounded like.

Instead of simply listing my tunes of the year on my personal FB-page, like I did in previous years, I decided to incoprorate it here. Just so you get a sense of what tickles my music bone. To make my life even more difficult, I came up with the following rules:

  • 2018 only – just because I occasionally rediscover some classics. In 2018 for example I was completely obsessed with Cambodia by Kim Wilde. There were also quite a few jams from 2017 that survived well into 2018, but I had to be strict. Sorry to Goldfrapp (Anymore, Ocean), Portugal, The Man (Feel It Still), Dua Lipa (New Rules), Taylor Swift (Look What You Made Me Do) and Anne Marie (Ciao Adios).
  • No repeating artists – otherwise this list would have been full of the artists that now occupy the top 5
  • No Eurovision – before you impulsively try to close this post: I went for this one simply because I wanted to showcase what inspires me outside of the Eurovision bubble. You’ve undoubtedly read my previews and reviews, so you know what I listened to. But for the record: if I hadn’t incorporated this rule, I would’ve gone for Sweden’s Benjamin Ingrosso (probably in my top 5), France’s Madame/Monsieur, Slovenia’s Lea Sirk and Melodifestivalen’s Margaret. Which all goes to show how opinions can evolve through time…

Now that we’ve established the universe, here’s what I’ve been singing/rocking/strutting/grooving to this year.

18. Marshmello & Anne-Marie – FRIENDS

Anne Marie probably qualifies as the singer who best embodies Girl Power in this day and age and I am totally here for this friendzone track.

17. Sofi Tukker – Best Friend

“Yo, you wanna meet me at the bar? (yawp)” – my body simply cannot sit still here. Yawp.

16. Miles Kane – Cry On My Guitar

I love me a bit of a funky guitar riff and if anyone can conjur one up, it’s Miles Kane. He’s almost the definition of cool…even if he does realize it himself.

15. Gilligan Moss – Fever

No actual video available, but this needed to be in here because it actually gives me Fever. Lead single from their album ‘Want u so bad’ isn’t all that shabby either, by the way.

14. Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark

These guys are probably my favorite rockers from the past two years and this tune did not disappoint. The fact that they’re creating their own sound with just the two of them really is simply amazeballs.

13. Tamino – Tummy

You’ll discover a couple of Belgian jems in this list and if this one doesn’t make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up then I don’t know what can. Tamino’s voice is something else, and his understated style just hits me right in the gut. Tip: check out his 2017 debut single ‘Habibi’ – pure magic.

12. Jungle – Heavy, California

Can. Not. Stop. Moving. To. This.

11. Balthazar – Fever

This Belgian band is always kind of on the dark side of the moon and my melancholic side is totally here for it. This one actually gives me fever. Midnight soundtrack ahoi!

10. Christine & The Queens – Damn, Dis-moi

So. Damn. Good. A bit of 80’s realness and a lot of personal swagger – Christine is just the queen of cool.

9. Chackie Jam – Hachi

So this is where I kinda bypass my own rules, as this tune is technically from 2017 – BUT I only discovered it in 2018, and I actually wanted to go for another track off their debut EP ‘Hot Chicks & Douchebags’ called Shotokan and it is nowhere to be found on Youtube. Now, back to the essence: if you’re into tunes that sound like they could’ve been created with an early Atari, like myself, you totally need to check these guys out – da bomb!

8. Chainsmokers – Side Effects

Did I ever think I would have Chainsmokers in any kind of list? Hell no. Can I listen to this without wanting to strut my beautiful booty? Hell no. Body has spoken, Dimi has listened.

7. SX – Designed Desire

These guys are something else. They manage to make electronic music sound like it’s some kind of emotional liquid – I don’t know how else to discribe it. Ethereal and gorgeous.

6. Ladytron – The Island

They’re back after a way too long hiatus and they’ve lost nothing of their electronic magic. The first three tracks that were released from their upcoming album have not disappointed, can’t wait for the rest of it. Bring on February already.

5. Monet X Change ft. Bob The Dragqueen – Soak It Up

2018 has been a year with lots of ups and downs in my personal life, so of course this anthem needs to be in my top five as it’s gotten me through a couple of tough moments. Loving the play on the sponge, loving the cool vibes – but seriously Monet, the sponge-thing has been milked now, time for a new shtick.

4. LP – Shaken

Released only at the beginning of December but it’s just sooo good! One of the few non-singles in this list, but it’s so powerful in rhythm, lyrics and vocals I simply could not not include it. LP is such a brilliant vocalist and song writer and it all comes together wonderfully in this heartbreak anthem.

3. Vive La Fête – Couche-toi

I’ve followed these guys ever since they started in 1999 and they’re totally off their rockers – which suits me fine. At times they’re completely out there, at times they’re so understated – and this dreamy, almost introverted track is simply mesmerizing. Probably the most underrated Belgian band.

2. K’s Choice – Je Ne Rêve Plus De Toi

From the show ‘For the love of music’ which has a number of international versions. K’s Choice is quite a well known Belgian band and this is probably the first time they’re venturing into French. What can I say? This breaks my heart every time I hear it. Lovely and goosebumpy.

1. Robyn – Human Being

I could’ve chosen lead single ‘Missing you’ or follow-up single ‘Honey’, but even if both are brilliant and equally deserving of the top spot I feel the need to highlight my personal highlight of what is to me the very best album of the year. This is a track that keeps on giving, from the smouldering vocals to the punchy lyrics. Pure and solid platinum.


If you feel the need to share your personal musical highlights in the comments, please do! Always happy to discover more music!

May 2019 bring us even more musical magic – inside and outside the Eurovision bubble.
In the meantime: be the sparkle you want in your own life. Yes, I am also saying that to myself 🙂


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