Eurovision 2017 preview: Ireland, San Marino & Croatia!

All of this year’s songs have been selected, the running order has been decided: let’s get this show on the road!  I’ll be reviewing all of this year’s participants three by three in running order. Lord, gimme strength… Let the Hunger Games…eum…fun begin!


The Song: Kinda really loving the first part of the song, which is nicely understated and plays around with a watered down Enya effect in the production. Kinda get lost once the gospel backings join Brendan for the second part, which makes for a completely different Westlife-like atmosphere. Not sure if I’m loving both parts together.

Standout lyric:I know you’re scared, and so am I.”  Let’s hope the fear doesn’t shimmer through in Kiev, dear Brendan.

The Voice: Isn’t he just adorable? Loving the high pitch, and the way he goes full out when the backings join him.

The Performance: The air of timidity that hangs around this boy is truly charming. I hope the Irish delegation will emphasize this to the max.

In one line: Just go with the Orinoco Flow.
PREDICTION: I get the feeling that this might just charm enough people to get it through to Saturday. QUALIFIER.


The Song: Almost discolicious. Vaguely reminding us of the likes of ‘When the rain begins to fall’, but it’s sadly nowhere near as captivating. The structure has a bit of a stop-motion thing going on, and the production is a bit too sub-par to really get the whole thing going. It’s all a bit unconvincing – not really surprising, with Siegel behind it. Again.

Standout lyric:Together we can make it through the night ” Well, I’m all for Valentina making it through the night (again).

The Voice: Totally convinced these two will sell it for all it’s worth. Loving the harmonies, and Valentina sounds like she’s much more comfortable with this kind of song than her previous dramatic attempts (not counting her first one, obviously).

The Performance: A truckload of disco, please. And keep it coming.

In one line: Let’s hope this night doesn’t end with a massive hangover.
PREDICTION: Well, it IS a bit on the old-fashioned side. Then again, it’s happy-go-lucky. So this could go either way. I am (shockingly) labeling this a borderliner for now. (Gosh, this edition leaves me completely clueless.)


The Song: So sugary that I’m going diabetic before the first chorus is over. It sounds vaguely familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. The lyrics could’ve come from a 12 year old girl’s diary.

Standout lyric:There’s a miracle my friend ” Where?

The Voice: Obviously the main attraction here, with the switching of voices throughout. Wonder what the added value is, though. Feels like he’s showing off, rather than giving us a show.

The Performance: If that video is anything to go by, we’re in for a pile of clichés.

In one line: Friendship request denied.
PREDICTION: Oh gosh, what do I do with this. I really can’t see people voting for this, but I might be blinded by my hatred for it. Still get the feeling that this is bound to be a NON QUALIFIER.


– Belgium, Portugal, Armenia
– Sweden, Finland, Azerbaijan, Iceland, FYR Macedonia
– Montenegro, Poland, Latvia, Serbia, Hungary, Denmark, Ireland
– Georgia, Australia, Albania, Czechia, Cyprus, Austria, Netherlands, San Marino
– Greece, Moldova, Slovenia, Malta, Romania
– Russia, Croatia

Tomorrow: Norway, Switzerland & Belarus!


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