Eurovision 2017 preview: Netherlands, Hungary & Denmark!

All of this year’s songs have been selected, the running order has been decided: let’s get this show on the road!  I’ll be reviewing all of this year’s participants three by three in running order. Lord, gimme strength… Let the Hunger Games…eum…fun begin!


The Song: Oh gosh, this somehow sounds very Netherlands-at-Eurovision-in-the-nillies. Or like a really watered down version of Wilson Philips. It is a bit on the preachy side, especially during those first two minutes. Could be coming straight from the Dutch Bible Belt. The bridge is kinda okay, but by then I’ve lost all interest.

Standout lyric:you have been going through these stages, now it’s time to turn the pages”  Sounds incredibly forced to my ears.

The Voice: THE selling point of this entry of course. Their harmonies are technically AWESOME. Too bad they’re wasted on this nothingness of a song.

The Performance: HATE the preview video, so please don’t let that be an omen. Someone spoofed this for April 1st, and blended it with the opening credits for Charmed. That is SO on the nose. Don’t take yourself too seriously, ladies.

In one line: Not so charmed.
PREDICTION: Lots of fans are claiming this is ‘growing on them’. Not exactly the point @Eurovision, is it? Haven’t got the foggiest how Europe will respond to this at first listening. Borderliner for now.


The Song: I’m really torn over this one. It’s something I should like, with its cool ethnic influences, but for some reason it leaves me a bit cold. The lyrics have a poetic beauty about them that I don’t necessarily feel shining through in the melody. The chorus is rather catchy, but doesn’t really swipe me off my feet. The rap part is as unexpected as it is welcome, but it is a bit of an odd mix. It all just doesn’t really grab me. I do love Hungary for giving us something different and unexpected every year, though.

Standout lyric:Tears of thousands streaming down my guitar ”  *gets the Kleenex out* (not in that way, you filthy mind!)

The Voice: Very capable vocalist, nailing everything from start to finish. The rap in particular is very well done, but the ethnic chorus is the stand-out.

The Performance: Needs a bit of polishing, that NF-performance.

In one line: Am I the only one getting a slight ‘refugees’ reference feel with this?
PREDICTION: Ambivalent though I may be, I think this will sail through to the final easily. QUALIFIER


The Song: Straight out of the ’90s, this. Somehow reminds me of something Lisa Stansfield could have done in that era. It’s your typical Danish fodder, but thanks to that 90’s touch it’s got that certain je-ne-sais-quoi that makes it rather catchy to my reminiscing ears.

Standout lyric:Putting up my walls so that I last better ”  Some poetic liberty to get to ‘together’ in the next line, kinda interrupting the flow a bit.

The Voice: Not the most exciting singer or voice in the verses, but the way she nails that chorus is quite impressive.

The Performance: One of many NF-winning red dresses (see ao. Switzerland and UK), sure hope they won’t all wear a red gown in Kiev. The Danish usually give us a nice clean performance, the NF-performance shows us that 2017 should be no exception.

In one line: He’d know where you are if you’d just use Foursquare, darling.
PREDICTION: This is one of those that could slip through as easily as it could get stuck in the semi. Borderline for now. Another one. Help.


– Belgium, Portugal, Armenia
– Sweden, Finland, Azerbaijan, Iceland, FYR Macedonia
– Montenegro, Poland, Latvia, Serbia, Hungary, Denmark
– Georgia, Australia, Albania, Czechia, Cyprus, Austria, Netherlands
– Greece, Moldova, Slovenia, Malta, Romania
– Russia

Tomorrow: Ireland, San Marino & Croatia!


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