60 years of Eurovision by country – part 3: YUG, ESP, FIN, POR, IRE & MAL


So, the EBU celebrated 60 years of Eurovision in 2015. But it all started in 1956, so it should be celebrated in 2016, no?  So let me do the honors, and offer you my short view on every country’s track record. I’ll add my top three per country to that – in the spirit of the Olympics, that other peaceful and worldly event!

We move along chronologically, so it’s time for the countries that joined the Eurovision family in 1961, ’64, ’65 and ’71! (Gosh, we’re in the ’70s already!)

14. Yugoslavia

I love the variety Yugoslavia brought to the table, both in style and substance. It’s not often that I disliked an entry of theirs. Their trademark bouncy entries are still a joy to watch. Which doesn’t mean their more serious entries from 1974 and 1976 don’t deserve a mention.

Except for their winning entry. Out of all their entries, that probably deserved it the least.

  1. 1970 – Pridi dala ti bom cvet – Eva Srsen
    Because it’s just nuts, NUTS I’m telling ya!
  2. 1990 – Hajde da ludujemo – Tajci
    Because it’s so contagious.
  3. 1991 – Brazil – Bebi Doll
    Because it’s so deliciously all over the place.

15. Spain

One of those countries that completely lost the plot after televoting got introduced. But weren’t they great in those first thirty years? And even a couple of times thereafter?

Their two winners are rather ok – I prefer the powerful Lalala over the cheerful Vivo Cantando, but there’s way worse on Eurovision’s honorary list.

  1. 1973 – Eres tu – Mocedades
    Because #timeless
  2. 1995 – Vuelve Conmigo – Anabel Condé
    Because *holds ear shut* VEEEEEEEEEEEEEN
  3. 1978 – Bailemos un vals – José Vélez
    Because it’s just sooooo silly (and I *adore* the backings!).

16. Finland

Probably my fave country overall, despite it not being nr 1 in my all time top 25 over the years. They’ve given us countless swell entries, too often overlooked by those pesky traditional juries. Shout out to CatCat, probably one of the most immortal entries we’ve ever gotten to see on stage.

And of course I adore Lordi, their much needed and waited for winner. Simply awesome, and the only just winner in such a dreary year.

  1. 1985 – Elakoon Elama – Sonja Lumme
    Because seriously why did this not even come close to winning? It’s just all kinds of awesome #80sdrama
  2. 1979 – Katson sinen taivaan – Katri-Helena
    Because it sounds so threatening!
  3. 1989 – La Dolce Vita – Anneli Saaristo
    Because #chinintheair

17. Portugal

Again a country that lost the plot post-televoting. All kinds of awesome pre-televoting though. How I wish they’d return to those more simple yet beautiful and mesmerizing songs they used to send.

About their winner…ow, wait – their track record is even worse than Belgium’s & Finland’s. A notable fact in itself.

  1. 1996 – O meu coraçao nao tem cor – Lucia Moniz
    Because it’s just so lovely sunny cuddly!
  2. 1982 – Bem Bom – Doce
    Because #HEY
  3. 1998 – Se eu te pudesse abraçar – Alma Lusa
    Because see 1996

18. Ireland

THE powerhouse – again, pre-televoting. Not always my cup of tea, but most of the time decent enough. They really should hang their heads in shame for what they served us post Y2K.

There’s no contesting their 1980 & 1987 wins, or even 1970. Not that keen on 1992 & 1993 myself, even though I can see why they won. They simply didn’t fit the timeframe, I feel. Same goes for 1996, which I kinda love but didn’t do the world of Eurovision a lot of good. Surprised by the 1994 win, but as you’ll see I don’t disagree…

  1. 1980 – What’s another year – Johnny Logan
    Because it’s so damn touching.
  2. 1969 – Wages of love – Muriel Day
    Because it’s so damn cheerful!
  3. 1994 – Rock’n roll kids – Harrington & McGettigan
    Because it’s so damn melancholic…

19. Malta

Probably my least favorite country in Eurovision. They’re so bland I can’t even muster the energy to insult them. Thankfully they’ve not produced a winner yet (color me amazed). I only kinda like three of their entries, and for all the wrong reasons.

  1. 2000 – Desire – Claudette Pace
    Because hahahahahaha
  2. 2004 – On again off again – Julie & Ludwig
    Because hahahaha
  3. 1999 – Believe ‘n peace – Times3
    Because haha



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