60 years of Eurovision by country – part 2: DEN, UK, ATR, SWE, MON & NOR


So, the EBU celebrated 60 years of Eurovision in 2015. But it all started in 1956, so it should be celebrated in 2016, no?  So let me do the honors, and offer you my short view on every country’s track record. I’ll add my top three per country to that – in the spirit of the Olympics, that other peaceful and worldly event!

We move along chronologically, so it’s time for the countries that joined the Eurovision family in 1957, ’58, ’59 and ’60!

8. Denmark

Another country I love to hate more than I love to love. They have their moments, but the Danish do excel in giving us the blandest, watered down pop tunes. Especially in the ’80s and nillies.

Only one of their winners is worthy to my ears (more on that below). Their win in 2000 came in left field, and I still don’t really get it to be honest. Their 2013 winner was a bit more expected, but hardly does anything for me. Like I said: Blandy McBlanderson.

  1. 1963 – Dansevise – Grethe & Jorgen Ingmann
    Because this seriously needs to make a Tarantino soundtrack soon.
  2. 1979 – Disco Tango – Tommy Seebach
    Because the orchestration is simply yummy.
  3. 2001 – Never let you go – Rollo & King
    Because happy country vibe, baby!

9. United Kingdom

Ow UK. You had me until the ’90s – well, occasionally. But after 1998 it was over. What has become of you? You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Low point: 2010. Or 2015, can’t really make up my mind (#moeha).

Despite my moderately positive thoughts above, I cannot agree with a lot of their winners. They won with childish songs that are either tedious (1967) or simply didn’t deserve it (1969, 1976, 1981). The only one I get is 1997, but that is one of my favorite years so it still feels kinda wrong. But hey. A lot of their silver medals should have gotten the gold though, if that’s any consolation.

  1. 1972 – Beg, steal or borrow – New Seekers
    Because it’s got it all: lovely (yet sappy) lyrics, harmonies and a beautiful melody. Unlike so many actual UK winners.
  2. 1988 – Go – Scott Fitzgerald
    Because I can’t help but drown in the melancholy here.
  3. 1994 – We will be free – Frances Ruffelle
    Because despite the shrill vocals it’s still a very lovely song – in the long version.

10. Austria

Not one of my favorite countries, I have to be honest. They have their moments, but they’ve mostly given us blandish shizzle. Much like their neutral neighbours!

Again black and white when it comes to the winners. White follows below, black is their 1966 winner which is understandable in the context of its year. But I simply do not like the song at all.

  1. 2014 – Rise like a phoenix – Conchita
    Because EPIC!
  2. 2000 – All to you – Rounder Girls
    Because big girls to the wonning!
  3. 1971 – Musik – Marianne Bendt
    Because #girlpower

11. Sweden

I have mixed emotions when it comes to Sweden. They’ve got some awesome tunes in their track record, but equally awful (hello, 1986!). I started to follow their NF as from 2004 and they always manage to pick one of the least exciting songs as their candidate. I know I don’t generally concur with the wide audience’s taste, but it is kinda frustrating.

Can’t really disagree with any of their winners, bar 1991 obviously (even though I don’t really mind the song). Even though 1984 & 2015 will never be vintage classics.

  1. 1998 – Kärleken är – Jill Johnson
    Because it’s so lovely demure and heartfelt.
  2. 1974 – Waterloo – Abba
    Because it’s …well… Waterloo.
  3. 2012 – Euphoria – Loreen
    Because despite me being tired of it by now, it’s still all kinds of awesome.

12. Monaco

Even though they’re tiny, they were a Eurovision powerhouse in the ’60s and ’70s. Not in my book though, to me they often sounded rather run of the mill. With their relentless ballads and traditional chansons. But hey.

And because of that rather bleak résumé,  I even had to include their winner in my top three!

  1. 1976 – Toi, la musique et moi – Mary Christy
    Because disco, baby!
  2. 1971 – Un banc, un arbre, une rue – Sévérine
    Because well…the others are worse ^^
  3. 1967 – Boumbadaboum – Michou
    Because #boumbadaboum

13. Norway

One of my fave countries, I have to say. Because when they’re good, they’re swell. And when they’re less good, they’re still entertaining (see: 1980).

I kinda like all of their winners – 1985 is a tad childish but flows nicely & 2009 was simply a nice cheerful tune that sadly got overplayed to the point where I’m nearly allergic to that violin bit. And then there is of course:

  1. 1995 – Nocturne – Secret Garden
    Because it’s just so damn different!
  2. 1982 – Adieu – Jahn teigen & Anita Skorgan
    Because ALL THE FEELS!
  3. 1966 – Intet ar nytt under solen – Ase Kleveland
    Because this is just kick-ass.

Up tomorrow: Yugoslavia, Spain, Finland, Portugal, Ireland & Malta


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