Eurovision 2014 (P)review – Part 9 – Montenegro, Netherlands & Norway

All of this year’s songs have been selected, which means it’s time to start the countdown (cue Final Countdown) for the 2014 edition of our beloved Contest. I’ve only heard a couple of songs before writing this (p)review as I wanted to simulate the sensation of the regular viewer. Curious to see how thàt will turn out? Me too…


The Song: So they dó make more traditional sounding music in Montenegro! And just when we thought the days of the Slavic ballad was over we get one from the tiny country. An odd move, especially as this doesn’t sound particularly mindblowing. This doesn’t bring anything special to the table, bar the sudden ending. I’m not a big fan of this genre but it doesn’t bother me either. It’s just…there, in my eyes.

The Voice: You could have told me this was Hari Mata Hari and I would have believed you. I wonder how he’ll do live.

The Performance: I suspect this will run along the lines of Lejla and those other ballads, emphasising the musicality of it all while creating a dreamy atmosphere. Which might bring this rather beige entry to another level.

Checkpoint DIMI:
Daring? No
Intriguing? Perhaps the live version will bring something extra?
Modern? No
International? For three minutes perhaps? But wait… NO.

In one line: Did Zjelko move to Montenegro?
PREDICTION: Does this still work? It did in 2012, come to think of it. But then again, it’s Montenegro. Tough one to call. I’m going for a cautious (and reluctant) yes for the final, where it will end up mid table. I’m sure Montenegro will be thrilled.


The Song: I’m really torn by this. I am in love with the mellow vibe and the modest musicality of it all but on the other hand some parts are a tad too repetitive for my liking, especially in the first minute of the song. I do wonder if they shouldn’t have opted for something that builds a bit more (as a lot of Ilse’s solo work does, which I love). The calm after the storm usually still has some of the threat of said storm lingering in the air and that’s lacking a bit here. Sadly.

The Voice: Ow Ilse De Lange, I could listen to that voice all day long. The combination with whatshisface works but the occasional insecurities need to be ironed out for this to completely deliver…

The Performance: Simple yet effective, no need for anything redundant that could damage the atmosphere. Yes, I àm talking about that hat. Get rid of it. You’re trying to create a country feel, Amish references are not wanted.

Checkpoint DIMI:
Daring? On the contrary rather – which perhaps makes it daring in its own way
Intriguing? At some points, yes
Modern? Timeless, I’d say
International? In the US: yes. In Europe: wouldn’t have a clue.

In one line: Is it really THAT calm after a storm?
PREDICTION: How I would like to see this do well. I’m so afraid it won’t, though.


The Song: It’s the less cliché brother of Belgium’s entry, isn’t it? Although it does fall into the same trap as it didn’t need the extra orchestration in the second part of the song – I would have much preferred an all piano version of this, would be even more goosebumpgenerating. Lyrically this is far more poetic than Belgium which might make it more fascinating for those who are open to this kind of soul touching word wizardry – but not everyone is, mind you. The yin to Belgium’s yang, very curious to see if these can coexist.

The Voice: You see this lumberjack of a man (jeans, beard and tattoos and all) and then you hear him sing in this fragile way – people will be melting like the polar ice caps.

The Performance: Do not change a single thing, takk.

Checkpoint DIMI:
Daring? Not really
Intriguing? Very much so.
Modern? Timeless, rather.
International? You betcha.

In one line: My heart is yours, Carl Espen.
PREDICTION: Flying to the final, flying high there as well. Oslo 2015, anyone?


  1. Israel  92
  2. Norway  88
  3. Hungary  87
  4. Iceland  84
  5. Armenia  83
  6. Italy  79
  7. Austria  77
  8. France  75
  9. Germany  75
  10. Netherlands  74
  11. Finland  73
  12. Albania  72
  13. Estonia  72
  14. Lithuania  70
  15. FYR Macedonia  68
  16. Malta  67
  17. Belgium  65
  18. Azerbaijan  61
  19. Montenegro  58
  20. Moldova  55
  21. Ireland  52
  22. Denmark 50
  23. Belarus  42
  24. Greece  18
  25. Latvia  4
  26. Georgia  0

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