Eurovision 2014 (P)review – Part 8 – Lithuania, Malta & Moldova

All of this year’s songs have been selected, which means it’s time to start the countdown (cue Final Countdown) for the 2014 edition of our beloved Contest. I’ve only heard a couple of songs before writing this (p)review as I wanted to simulate the sensation of the regular viewer. Curious to see how thàt will turn out? Me too…

LT Lithuania LT

The Song: This is a bit of a surprise as this must be the most contemporary sounding song Lithuania’s ever sent to Eurovision. Sounds like something Mary J Blige would sing (yes, I meant that as praise)! I like the hook, it really grabs (here it comes) the attention but it works lyrically as well. Could have done with a slightly more exciting build up though, as it’s in danger of running a bit flat in the second part…but I’m pleasantly surprised. After getting over those first few seconds which are a bit…out there.

The Voice: Miss Matačiūnaitė (long live copy-paste) sure knows how to work that throat and grabs the (here it comes again) attention quite well. I’m not too keen on her pronunciation though – a little kid? A little kick? Ow, it’s a little care! Only got that by the powers of deduction. And by looking up the lyrics for confirmation.

The Performance: That performance needs to die. A slow and painful death. Much like Estonia this is distracting too much from , rather than enforcing the power, of the song.

Checkpoint DIMI:
Daring? For Lithuania it is
Intriguing? Not quite as much, unless you count figuring out the lyrics
Modern? Uhu! Imagine!
International? Very much so!

In one line: Gone are the days of C’est ma vie, hurray!
PREDICTION: Should make it out of semi 2 but will not trouble the left hand side of the scoreboard on Saturday.


MT Malta MT

The Song: Can you say ‘Mumford and Sons’? Apart from that copycat feeling this is a very nice little entry I have to say. Not very original, no, and it is just a tad too repetitive for a three minute entry. But it’s happy and bouncy, so I don’t mind this at all. Just like I don’t mind Mumford & Sons. I just don’t love them either.

The Voice: Can you say ‘Mumford and Sons’? For the lead singer at least, that is one heavy sound-a-like! The female voice saves the day, even though her solo piece sounds a tad out of place (she sounds more like a powerballad diva than a folk singer there), because those harmonies are simply delicious.

The Performance: No fuss needed, the playbacking of the instruments wórks here as it simply sets the right mood.

Checkpoint DIMI:
Daring? The very obvious reference is
Intriguing? Not really, no
Modern? Well…country is back isn’t it!
International? Well…country is back isn’t it!

In one line: I like another Maltese entry. I feel I need to go wash myself.
PREDICTION: This is one of those sneaky little ditties that fly up the scoreboard without you even noticing it. Watch out for this one! Top ten guaranteed, me thinks.


MD Moldova MD
The Song: Hm. I quite like the pumping beat in this powerballad, gives it a kind of dark atmosphere which works to its advantage. But something isn’t quite working for me. I suspect it’s the English, which doesn’t come across at all in this version. I wonder if they should make a switch to her mother tongue, like they did last year as well. Perhaps that might give it the oomph this entry desperately needs.

The Voice: She really seems to struggle with the English in this version. I can hear there’s a good singer hidden in there somewhere but she won’t make an appearance if they keep this in English I’m afraid.

The Performance: This needs a bit of a Pasha touch because that national final performance is all over the place.

Checkpoint DIMI:
Daring? As much as they’d like it to be: no
Intriguing? As much as they’d like it to be: no
Modern? As much as they’d like it to be: no
International? As much as they’d like it to be: no

In one line: This needs a complete make-over. There’s a good entry hidden in there somewhere, I’m hoping they’ll be able to Moldovafy it.
PREDICTION: Moldova’s qualification record could be in danger if they can’t right this wrong.


  1. Israel  92
  2. Hungary  87
  3. Iceland  84
  4. Armenia  83
  5. Italy  79
  6. Austria  77
  7. France  75
  8. Germany  75
  9. Finland  73
  10. Albania  72
  11. Estonia  72
  12. Lithuania  70
  13. FYR Macedonia  68
  14. Malta  67
  15. Belgium  65
  16. Azerbaijan  61
  17. Moldova  55
  18. Ireland  52
  19. Denmark 50
  20. Belarus  42
  21. Greece  18
  22. Latvia  4
  23. Georgia  0

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4 thoughts on “Eurovision 2014 (P)review – Part 8 – Lithuania, Malta & Moldova

  1. Love your reviews!!! Keep up the good job!!! I’ve been ranking personal years from 1956 and now I’m onto 1986!

    From which country am I? You wouldn’t want to know 😛

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