Eurovision 2014 (P)review – Part 4 – Finland, France &FYR Macedonia

All of this year’s songs have been selected, which means it’s time to start the countdown (cue Final Countdown) for the 2014 edition of our beloved Contest. I’ve only heard a couple of songs before writing this (p)review as I wanted to simulate the sensation of the regular viewer. Curious to see how thàt will turn out? Me too…


The Song: Huzzah, Finland has gone back to rock! This sounds quite good as a composition, could be something Bastille wouldn’t mind releasing as their next single. It’s a decent dose of testosterone and will keep the audience awake for another three minutes. The build-up isn’t shocking but for this song it doesn’t need to be – same goes for the lyrics by the way.

The Voice: Too bad the lead singer is not on par with the power of the song itself. The falsetto is definitely out of his reach and that is highly (ha!) annoying. The screeches towards the end are impressive though, perhaps he could slide those in elsewhere? Or perhaps he should ditch the guitar (they’re playbacking anyway) so he can put full focus on his vocals? Just a thought.

The Performance: Well, a rock song doesn’t need a lot more than a straight to the point performance where musicians are faking to go all bonkers on their instruments. The guys from Softengine are rather good at that. Especially the ones at the piano and the drums. But then again, all drummers are simply mental. So extra kuddos to the one at the piano. I would ditch the suits though, it’s a bit too soft (got it?) sophisticated for this type of rock song

Checkpoint DIMI:
Daring? For Finland? Not really.
  Well…it’s quite catchy at least.
Not thàt modern, but it doesn’t sound outdated either.
Sure thing!

In one line: I’m sure this year there’s ‘something better’ out there
: 73%
PREDICTION: This should make the final. Where it awaits the same fate as many of its Finnish predecessors from the past decade. Bar Lordi.


The Song:
Hello, Stromae? Got anything to say about this little dedication to your back catalogue? It’s quite Papaoutai but only for a couple of bars that aren’t even significant enough, so I won’t go all Denmark on their as.. I like the quirky angle that’s used here and it’s definitely very cheery. I’m just a bit bothered by the lazy lyrics in the chorus, which admittedly contribute to the catchiness of it all but the simple “je veux si, je veux ça – c’est comme ci, c’est comme ça” really does not cut it for me (it didn’t for Evridiki either by the way, just saying). But a happy package, for sure.

The Voice: The Achilles heel for this entry as the lead singer isn’t really a singer – it’s just a guy trying to have fun.  It doesn’t exactly damage this entry, but a couple of more notes that are ON the mark could mean the difference between success and another bottom result. Just saying.

The Performance: Quirky, much as the song. Color galore, a simple yet enjoyable and easy to learn routine and voilà: picture perfect. Now watch them revise it to death come May.

Checkpoint DIMI:
Daring? Not quite, but I expect Marie Myriam & co to dislike it
Yup, completely up to scratch
Hell yeah – even more so thanks to the simple (and thus easy to remember) chorus

In one line: C’est comme ci, c’est comme ça
: 75%
PREDICTION: Watch this go top ten without so much as a breeze. Be afraid, be very afraid.


The Song
: Well well, Macedonia (I’m lazy, so sue me) seem to have turned a page now and send their most contemporary effort since 2008, or indeed ever. I’m not going to claim this is tha bomb, as it sounds like a second hand AVICII effort but it’s nice to see them try to do something that sounds like it belongs in this century. And it’s nice to see someone keeping up the bad rhyming – now that fire-desire has had its finest days I suppose it’s up to the sky-I combo to haunt us.

The Voice: She not only look-a like-a man but she-a sound-a like-a one as well! Surprising color of voice but once you get used to it…it’s got that certain je ne sais quoi. No?

The Performance: If that poor Lipsync For Your Life is anything to go by this is Doomed with a capital D. I suppose miss Tijana has got her shit down and that lazy presentation was just meant to fool us all, but if not: wake up sister, you’ve got work to do. And stop throwing that mic around, it makes you even more manly than you come off already.

Checkpoint DIMI:
Daring? For Macedonia, yes.
I’d say so, yes.
Why not? It’s a slick popsong, it could trick people into liking it.

In one line: At the moment she can stay, but she’s very close to having to sashay away…
: 68%
PREDICTION: It will all come down to the live version. In semi 1 this would have done well, in semi 2 it’s only a borderline qualifier for now.

Current results:

  1. Armenia          83
  2. Austria            77
  3. France             75
  4. Finland            73
  5. Albania           72
  6. Estonia           72
  7. FYR Macedonia  68
  8. Belgium          65
  9. Azerbaijan      61
  10. Denmark         50
  11. Belarus           42

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