Eurovision 2013 – MF semi 3 – Sorry, Jasper, I’m ever so sorry.

“What do you mean, you’ve never seen Melodifestivalen?!” Jasper and I are on our way to a staff meeting of local Eurovision website we both write for, and with eyes full of disbelief I stare at the self proclaimed Diva in my passenger seat. “As Eurovision fan you’ll think MF is delicious, sometimes it’s even better than Eurovision itself” I utter enthusiastically. Jasper solemnly swears he’ll give it a chance someday.

Cut to yesterday (two years after the above happened, I need to add), when out of the blue I get a message on Twitter that says: I’m finally doing it, MF here I come! “Sure took you long enough” I mutter under my breath. But I’m curious to see what he’ll think and am prepared for a truckload of superlatives.

That was just a tiny bit presumptuous. If semi 1 & 2 weren’t all that then semi 3 was the absolute low point of the season. Again some Eric Saade got to open the show. Again the lovely alternative song didn’t stand a chance. Again we got songs we’ve heard many times before in many different versions (which is no wonder when Thomas G:Son & Fredrik Kempe keep on rearing their heads every other song). Again we got vocal talents that weren’t that talented at all. Again the most ridiculous performance was rewarded with a place in the final. Again it was something so outdated in song and performance even San Marino would utter a shy “thanks, but no thanks”.  Again our bubble burst.

This third semi must have been the absolute worst I’ve seen since I’ve started following MF in 2004, and I simply refuse to lose any more time and energy on it than I did yesterday. Which is clearly what Jasper thought as well, because after 3 messages things got very silent on the other side of the Twitter channel. Can’t even blame him. It could have been a fluke, this semi. But then again, if you take a look at what’s made the final so far… I’d completely understand if you’d never tune in to SVT again, Jasper. I’m ever so sorry for having done that to you.


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