Eurovision Review – 1967: Mirror mirror on the stage

With Udo Jürgens winning with a traditional chanson the landscape of Eurovision turned back into its old self. The ratio men-women was evened out and the influence of pop was put on pause. The fact that the 1967 edition was held in a ballroom of a palace (how posh, how Viennese!) didn’t help to shake the dusty feeling. Or am I wearing my sunglasses in a candle lit room?

Unlike the previous years the men were in great shape in 1967. Sure, Austria sent a lesser version of Udo and Ireland treated us to the umpth version of a dreary ballad but the rest of the bunch was the best crop since 1956.  Next to the two men in my top three (see below) I was very impressed by Finlands volume, Yugoslavia’s melancholy, Portugals melodic structure and our own Louis Neefs’ personality. But much more did I enjoy the variety in their songs which were no longer substitutable but each swept me away in their own way. About time!

The women sadly let me down this edition. Only a single one managed to impress me, the rest of them got lost in the woods by either looking desinterested (Monaco), going for the obvious childish theme (UK, Netherlands, Norway), not being able to spark it up (France, Germany) or simply by singing really badly (Switzerland). I can see why Sandie Shaw won, but while I appreciate her as a singer with obviously a lot of persona I share her alleged dislike for her simplistic song.

Quite a good year all in all thanks to the variety in styles and the dynamic work by ORF. Though I’m not too sure about those mirrors on the stage I must admit it’s better than a simple curtain in the back.

Now let’s see who survived Dimivisions eagle eye:

1 point: Netherlands
2 points: Monaco
3 points: United Kingdom
4 points: Finland
5 points: Portugal
6 points: Yugoslavia
7 points: Belgium

8 points: Spain – Hablemos del amor

Back with a vengeance is Raphael, the Spanish stallion whom I deemed too dramatic in 1966 but whose drama actually works for his 1967 attempt. He managed to keep it to a decent level which works wonders for his melodic love song. Not to mention that he’s pretty hot for a ’60s kind of guy. Work that camera!

10 points: Sweden – Som en dröm

Woody Allen avant la lettre treats us to a superbly composed dreamy winter song. Östen Warnerbring produces a very warm sound which suits this song extremely well, and he sells the package even better than his Spanish and Belgian colleagues. Almost a first victory for the only Scandinavian still to win in the Dimivision bubble, but alas for them a tiny woman with a big voice kept them from it.

12 points: Luxembourg – L’amour est bleu

Growing up, tiny Vicky Leandros was my mother’s favourite singer which obviously meant I didn’t allow myself to like her. But. A couple of years on and I realise how powerful her voice is and the combination with this intimate song is sublime. She tones it down well in the soft parts and belts it brilliantly in the loud ones and I keep being interested from beginning to end. Just the way it should be.

These results shake the all time top ten in a firm way! And it’s only just begun!

1             United Kingdom 67 (1961 – 1965)
2             Netherlands  67
3             Luxembourg 56 (1956 – 1967)
4             Italy 56 (1958 – 1964)
5             France 52 (1960)
6             Finland 44 (1962)
7             Sweden 44
8             Germany 42 (1959)
9             Denmark 40 (1957 – 1963)
10           Belgium 40

Now bring on the colours I so desperately need!


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