Eurovision 2017 preview: Greece, Poland & Moldova

All of this year’s songs have been selected, the running order has been decided: let’s get this show on the road!  I’ll be reviewing all of this year’s participants three by three in running order. Lord, gimme strength… Let the Hunger Games…eum…fun begin!


The Song: Coming after Portugal, this sounds even cheaper than it already does to begin with. That Avicii chorus is killing me. I’d love to say that this is along the delicious fab trash lines of Lalalove, but sadly it’s just a cheesy, cheap pop song to my ears.

Standout lyric:reaching out for the stars ” Because at least they had the sense to replace “Rain falls from above”. Even though that would have given me something to bitch about. Oh look, I did anyway.

The Voice: I’m sure Demy will try to save this for all it’s worth.

The Performance: Hoping for a slightly more cheerful performance than the atmosphere of the video. In fact, while I’m not that keen on acts that try to oversell the song, I think it would be quite welcome to have something completely OTT to distract from the ‘song’.

In one line: Demy please-don’t-gimme-Moore
PREDICTION: Well, at least it’s up tempo so it’s got that going for it. And it’s Greece – apart from last year’s flunk, they’ve got a pretty solid record. Gonna call it a borderliner for now, and decide after I’ve heard the entire semi. I’m afraid I’m gonna say that a lot.


The Song: It falls a bit in the LoveWave category, but it’s the bombastic one of the family. I quite like the structure of it, and the dramatic unfolding towards the ending. Too bad the lyrics are a bit on the forced side.

Standout lyric:Fire, like a burning desire, taking me higher, walk in a wire” Easy on the Rhymezone there.

The Voice: Kasia certainly is a fierce singer. I just don’t know if I’m loving her voice for this song. It feels like she’s trained for singing other kinds of songs than this one. Really digging the last 30 seconds when she goes full out though.

The Performance: Something simple and straightforward along the lines of the NF performance will do the trick nicely, I think. Secretly hoping for a touch of Blair Witch Project, to be honest.

In one line: About to transpire, thanks to Quagmire, then I’ll retire (and so on…)
PREDICTION: Well, it’s Poland. Could go either way any day, but with this they’ll probably get through to Saturday. QUALIFIER


The Song: This is just one big #MEH – again, the lyrics don’t make any sense at all. Not that it really seems to matter: I like the sax bits, but they get a bit too much attention. It’s all pretty non-descript to be honest.

Standout lyric:All it keeps going round and round ” You better know it.

The Voice: Uneventful, which incidentally is perfect for the song.

The Performance: Uninspired, that NF performance. I should hope they’re not trying to start a ‘thing’ with the foot choreo, because Regina George.

In one line: Another one that bombs with a return entry
PREDICTION: This is too mindless to do anything, right? Right? NON QUALIFIER for now.


– Belgium, Portugal
– Sweden, Finland, Azerbaijan
– Montenegro, Poland
– Georgia, Australia, Albania
– Greece, Moldova
– None at the moment…

Tomorrow: Iceland, Czechia & Cyprus!


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