Eurovision 2015 (P)review – part 11 – Portugal, San Marino & Slovenia

All of this year’s songs have been selected, which means it’s time to start the countdown (cue Final Countdown) for the 2015 edition of our beloved Contest! I’ll be tackling the semis & the final in alphabetical order – on the menu today: Portugal, San Marino & Slovenia from semi 2!



The Song: Ow. That first verse sounds so dark and promising, and then you get that chorus that’s so…soft and gentle. An odd combo. I don’t mind it actually, in studio this sounds rather lovely. The charismatic Portuguese language adds an extra layer to the atmosphere as well. But it *is* a bit on the safe side, all in all.

The Voice: Perhaps it’s just the quality of the live video, or perhaps it was a case of nerves, but that rendition does not sound that promising to my ears. She needs to bring more actual emotion to the table in order to make any kind of impression…

The Performance: …instead of selling this for what it really isn’t. Why try to dip this in a rock sauce when it clearly doesn’t fit? That NF performance is really confusing the hell out of me. If this isn’t handled come Vienna, it’s Doomed with a capital D.

In one line: Will be a nice addition to my “phonetically singing along but what the hell does it all mean” collection, carefully ignoring any existing live performance.
PREDICTION: Can’t see it happening, Portugal. Sadly.



The Song: Siegel again? What, things went so swell you simply had to have him again, San Marino? It sounds like some ’90s hospital drama series all over again at times, and at times it’s too cheesy to be healthy. I can’t listen to this too much, or my ears start to bleed.

The Voice: No Valentina? *cue sad face* The two greenies that are traveling to Vienna need to eat some spinach in order to give us some Popeye-strong vocals, I fear.

The Performance: Light a candle, why don’t you.  My trained #eyeroll will undoubtedly set a tragic record.

In one line: Just retire, for fuck’s sake.
PREDICTION: Away with it, I say!



The Song: Ow Slovenia, THANK YOU! Drum ‘n bass mixing with pop, always a winning combo in my book. Kudos to Maraaya for creating a song that captures the Zeitgeist with a lot of sparkle, and creating such a positive vibe in music and lyrics – without even using the word ‘love’ once. Aced it.

The Voice: Quite a peculiar sound, dipped in jazz and soul. A bit like our own Selah Sue, takes a bit of getting used to perhaps but it’s so intriguing!

The Performance: I’m always up for a bit of folly, so I am all for those headphones (would go for a more pimped up pair though). And I know the air violin player is polarizing, but I am *so* in the #keepher camp! I’d even add two more!

In one line: I’m glad you’re here for me, Maraaya!
PREDICTION: Do NOT rule this out!

Current Standings:


  1. Slovenia – 89
  2. Latvia – 85
  3. Estonia – 84
  4. Belgium – 81
  5. Norway – 80
  6. Ireland – 79
  7. Czech Republic – 73
  8. Denmark – 71
  9. Cyprus – 70
  10. Romania – 69
  11. Portugal – 68
  12. Netherlands – 67
  13. Lithuania – 66
  14. Azerbaijan – 66
  15. Georgia – 65
  16. Armenia – 64
  17. Moldova – 63
  18. Albania – 62
  19. Finland – 60
  20. Poland – 59
  21. Serbia – 55
  22. Montenegro – 55
  23. Greece – 53
  24. Belarus – 52
  25. FYR Macedonia – 51
  26. Malta – 46
  27. Iceland – 40
  28. Russia – 38
  29. Hungary – 32
  30. San Marino – 20
  31. Israel – 18

Semi 1:

  1. Estonia – 84
  2. Belgium – 81
  3. Denmark – 71
  4. Romania – 69
  5. Netherlands – 67
  6. Georgia – 65
  7. Armenia – 64
  8. Moldova – 63
  9. Albania – 62
  10. Finland – 60
  11. Serbia – 55
  12. Greece – 53
  13. Belarus – 52
  14. FYR Macedonia – 51
  15. Russia – 38
  16. Hungary – 32

Semi 2:

  1. Slovenia – 89
  2. Latvia – 85
  3. Norway – 80
  4. Ireland – 79
  5. Czech Republic – 73
  6. Cyprus – 70
  7. Portugal – 68
  8. Lithuania – 66
  9. Azerbaijan – 66
  10. Poland – 59
  11. Montenegro – 55
  12. Malta – 46
  13. Iceland – 40
  14. San Marino – 20
  15. Israel – 18

Tomorrow: Sweden & Switzerland


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6 thoughts on “Eurovision 2015 (P)review – part 11 – Portugal, San Marino & Slovenia

  1. Im starting to think Slovenia is the Fanflop of 2015! showed the lot of semi final 2 to my family and it was ranked like 14th out of the 17 and when i told them that this is third favourite in the semi they were in total shock.

  2. Well, it’s a yearly tradition that one of my big faves bombs, so it might be possible. Do count on you being wrong though 😉

  3. Tbh i wouldn’t mind being wrong because its actually quite a good entry i just find it bait overrated ( just a bit), Normally in the OGAE poll out of the top 5 you get 2 flops, the top 5 in the OGAE poll is likely to be ( in no order) Norway,Sweden,Spain,Slovenia,Italy. out of those 5 I think Spain and Slovenia are defiantly the most likeliest to flops.

    1. Really? I can see Spain doing quite well, IF they can sell it live. I don’t get the fuss around Italy to be honest, but more on that in a later blogpost 😉

      1. Thanks for a bit of early insight :-), and OMG i totally forgot to include Estonia in the OGAE :O, But about Spain i just get Same Heart vibes when I hear it and i feel it will suffer the same faith ( but actually being in the final 🙂 ), I’ve yet to show my family yet so i can’t give an actual prediction until i show them, Italy is the one I’m least sure about, I’m convinced Norway and Sweden will be top 10 but Italy i just feel has a much better shot then Slovenia and Spain do so i just gave the nod to them, but you never know we could have 3 flops this time as there is a chance it could end up like Songu even though i find Italy far superior.

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