Eurovision 2013 (P)Review – Part 16 – Georgia & Switzerland

A waterfall of thoughts, here’s part 15 of the run through of this year’s contestants! Will they be beautiful butterflies, or rather moths that have to hide away in the dark?

First of all, a bit of framework for the judging – I’ll be looking at the song, the vocal performance and the stage presentation (or concept of the video if we haven’t seen a stage performance) and I’ll round up by putting them to the DIMI test (do I think it’s Dramatic, Intriguing and/or Modern enough to Include in my iTunes library?). I’ll score the entries from 1 to 5 on each of those points, resulting in a score out of a possible maximum of 20.

 15. Georgia – Sopho Gelovani & Nodiko Tatishvili – Waterfall

The Song: So, this is supposed to be a force be reckoned with? I don’t hear it. What I do hear is something we’ve heard lots of times before, quelle surprise with (arrrrrgh!!!) Thomas G:Son behind it. It sounds so sterile, does absolutely nothing for me.
The Voice: God knows I like me some harmony and these two pull it off quite nicely. The only redeaming feature on this entry. In studio, that is.
The Performance: I suppose that demure showing at the song presentation will have to make way for something along the lines of Azerbaijan 2011. The duo is less likeable though: he’s Bland with a capital B & she’s laying it on waaay to thick, and the interaction between the two of them is so by the book it’s rather comical.
The DIMI test: I’ve heard this two times until now. Add Amsterdam, May 16th and May 18th and after that… never again.

PREDICTION: I suppose there’s an audience for this. But if Pastora Soler couldn’t cut it in the final with a comparable entry, I don’t see this doing much better. Even with more friends on their side.

  16. Switzerland – TAKASA – You and me

The Song: Is this something Nanne Grönvall had as a back-up for Håll Om Mig back in 2005? It transports us back to the time of Ruslana, and as that’s already almost a decade behind us I wouldn’t call this very fresh. It’s nice, yes, and rather inoffensive but it doesn’t exactly blow me away.
The Voice: With a haunting guitar riff like that you’d expect a bit more power oozing out of the vocals. Far too demure to sell this entry the way it needs to be sold.
The Performance: I hope they will seriously reconsider that NF performance. This song requires some dynamic on stage. Which doesn’t mean they’ll have to milk the old man (ieuw, no pun intended AT ALL) as they do in the official video, just keep the audience on their toes, or at least awake, during those 3 minutes please.
The DIMI test: There’s not an awful lot wrong with the song but the entire approach needs to be reconsidered. I know we’re talking about a Heilsarmee division, but that’s no excuse. At all.

PREDICTION: From what I’ve seen until now this is hopeless. Even with that draw.

Tomorrow: Romania + wrap-up semi 2


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