Eurovision 2013 (P)Review – Part 14 – Armenia & Hungary

Planet Eurovision can be a lonely planet at times, here’s part 13 of the run through of this year’s contestants! Will they be beautiful butterflies, or rather moths that have to hide away in the dark?

First of all, a bit of framework for the judging – I’ll be looking at the song, the vocal performance and the stage presentation (or concept of the video if we haven’t seen a stage performance) and I’ll round up by putting them to the DIMI test (do I think it’s Dramatic, Intriguing and/or Modern enough to Include in my iTunes library?). I’ll score the entries from 1 to 5 on each of those points, resulting in a score out of a possible maximum of 20.

11. Armenia – Gor Sujyan – Lonely planet

The Song: It seems the world of Heavy Metal kind of loves Eurovision! Proven once again by having a member of the notorious Black Sabbath as the composer of the Armenian entry. Tommy Iommi has had his biggest successes in the ’80s and ’90s and I’m afraid this entry’s stuck in those decades rather than live in the now. It’s not necessarily awful, it just doesn’t breathe enough fresh air to ever be somewhat interesting. The rather bland ecological lyrics do not help one bit.
The Voice: Señor Sujyan sounds like he knows what he’s doing…until that poor excuse for a key change kicks in, then it all goes a bit up in the air. I’m not sure if he really fits the song, he lacks a bit of a rocky vibe to really lift this to another level.
The Performance: Not much to add, this is a straight to the point song that doesn’t require any tricks and señor Sujyan seems to fill the stage enough on his own. But if the guy from Azerbaijan needs an experienced gardener for his eyebrows than this guy requires a jungle explorer.
The DIMI test: I’m always up for a rock song but this one doesn’t exactly scream for my attention. It’s there and doesn’t offend me, I guess there’s worse.

PREDICTION: I’m not feeling this at all. This might be the second time Armenia gets stuck in the semi.

  12. Hungary – ByeAlex – Kedvesem 

The Song: What a sweet little ditty! It’s deliciously flowing on the wings of daydreams and provides for a nice resting point. Don’t quite get why it’s announced as a remix, why is that even a point? Anyhow: this is lovely.
The Voice: Alex doesn’t come across as a fantastic singer BUT you do feel this is an artist taking the stage, trying to get a message across and this kind of integrity works miracles when it comes to my forgiveness. The backing provides a nice addition halfway through without casting a shadow on Alex’ demure vocals.
The Performance: Alex just needs to be his sweet little self to sell this entry. A LOT will depend on staging, lighting and directing with this though: if they can’t get that right this fragile lullaby will simply fade away and that would be a shame.
The DIMI test: There’s something about this. Makes my heart melt.

PREDICTION: A lot of male soloists in this semi that might trample all over this. However, if the poetic beauty of this entry translates on screen this could surprise more than we all care to think.

Tomorrow: Norway & Albania


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