Voting for the ESC 2012 poll closed – here’s the result!

It’s finally here people!! Eurovision night! With a diverse field like the 2012 one it’s extremely hard to predict who will win  – so we didn’t! We expressed who we’d like to see taking home the trophy and here’s the verdict of the Dimivision televote!

I’m only giving the top 3, the rest of the voting was so tight there would have been ex-aequos all over the place.
So without further ado: this is the podium for tonight if it’s up to the Dimivision visitors:

  1. Sweden
  2. Italy
  3. Turkey

Surprised to see Turkey up there I must say! The number one is The Ultimate Usual Suspect I’d say.
Six countries didn’t get any votes at all:

  • Hungary
  • Denmark
  • Romania
  • Azerbaijan
  • Malta
  • Moldova

After Romania’s disastrous showing on Tuesday I wasn’t expecting them to end up high but no votes at all seems rather harsh! And Azerbaijan will probably do a lot better than bottom 6!

Anyway, we have a few hours left to find out if we were collectively right. I just hope Russia doesn’t run with it… I will probably be televoting for Italy (depending on the live performance), Azerbaijan (same remark), Hungary, Macedonia, Cyprus & Iceland. Have a blast all and see you on the other side!!


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