Eurovision 2012: interviews with San Marino & Austria

As promised I’m kicking off a series of interviews we had with a couple of artists at last week’s event in Amsterdam. I’ve been able to go and interview participating artists at the three most recent editions for Belgian website and now you can find them on here as well. We managed to get 10 artists in front of the camera & I’ll publish two per day – allons-y!!

The first interview for today is the one that went the most difficult. Valentina Monetta doesn’t speak English very well and was assisted by her manager who provided translation (you’ll see). A very friendly girl I have to say but those of you who’ve seen footage of her EIC performance will agree with me that this will fare as ‘well’ as the previous San Marino entries…

The second interview today is with the guys from Austria. Trackshittaz were busy bees all day but we managed to get them in front of the microphone at the last minute of press time and I was a happy bunny as I think they’ve got one of the most dynamic & modern songs in the field this year. The fact that I find Lukas incredibly hot and want to squeeze his Popo has got absolutely nothing to do with it, I firmly deny. They proved to be a dynamic duo indeed and it was fun talking to them:

Stay tuned for more info – tomorrow I’ve got Albania & Finland in store for you!


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