The Big 2012 (P)Review – part 21: Spain & Germany + The Total Recap!

We’re running up to the 2012 Contest, all entries for Baku have been chosen and it’s time to take a closer look at what we can expect to see and hear at the end of May. I’m reviewing everything in order of draw: I’ll first give my general thoughts on the countries’ choices, then I’ll subject them to the DIMI test and finally I’ll score them, accompagnied by a predicition of how I think they’ll do in Baku. I’ll be tackling them in pairs & on the menu today: Spain & Germany! Plus: a total recap!

5. SPAIN – Quédate conmigo

Oh my. Where Estonia, Finland and the UK (and Azerbaijan to a lesser extent) manage to sweep me off my feet with a beautiful and intriguing melody (and lyrics) this leaves me stone cold. I have had it with the Celine belting/shouting and I prefer to hear some real musical instruments instead of having everything coming out of one synthesizer when it comes to ballads. Not my cup of tea at all and I actually hope Europe will hear just how outdated this sounds. No criticism on Pastora Soler though, I just hoped she would have selected something more in her own playing field.

Checkpoint DIMI:
Daft? Her choice of song is – this should never have made her top 3.
  Not in a million years.
In Las Vegas perhaps.
Fifteen years ago yes.

Personal score:  8/20 – Prediction: Bottom half of the final.

6. GERMANY – Standing Still

After Germany’s track record of the past 2 years I was disappointed with the lackluster national final they had this year and even though they picked the evident winner I’m still not convinced. Roman Lob is cute as a button but doesn’t have the presence this song needs to be sold to an international audience: he should be engaging the camera much more instead of making it a wannabe heartfelt performance (ie. open your eyes man!). This song needs a bit of spice to really bring out the cry for help it’s trying to convey – the piano intro might resemble ‘Someone like you’ but the rest of it is going somewhere else and Roman Lob seems to have trouble to follow. I like the song but I fear it will get lost if it doesn’t get performed the way it should – this is not a great match.

Checkpoint DIMI:
Daft? Nein.
The Britpop sound is.
If he can connect with the audience: why not?

Personal score:  12/20 – Prediction: Bottom half of the final.

So this is the end, my friend, the end!
Here’s Dimivision’s Official Top Ten Before the Contest:

  1. Finland
  2. Israel
  3. Italy
  4. Norway
  5. FYR Macedonia
  6. Estonia
  7. Hungary
  8. Netherlands
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Bulgaria

Good luck to all of them. Especially now they’ve got my doom hanging over them!

As far as winning the entire thing goes I think Sweden will walk with it and only Norway or Italy might be able to stop them. Possible outsiders include Ukraine, Austria, United Kingdom, Azerbaijan & Russia (sadly)…

Let the games begin! Feel free to share your own top ten (personal & prediction) so we can compare after The Event – curious to see what you think!

Stay tuned for more Eurovision fun – we went to Eurovision In Concert in Amsterdam and have got a couple of interviews in the pipeline for you!


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8 thoughts on “The Big 2012 (P)Review – part 21: Spain & Germany + The Total Recap!

  1. Hey Dimi, other Dimi here! Thank you so much for the interesting reviews of the past few weeks. Was great to read through your analysis!

      1. Of course! haha. i’ve placed bets the other week for Ukraine, Italy, Denmark, Sweden & … I keep forgetting the last one… I think it was Estonia. Lol

      2. Hm, I might take a look at the betting this week as well – now that I’ve got a clear view on things. First job: figure out how it all works, haha!

  2. Spain: like the colour of her voice, but what a pity about the song, don’t like the build up, she doesn’t remind me of Celine at all, not even the song. I must have hurt Dimi to give Spain so little points… 11/20

    Germany:rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I shall take the guy, Europe can have the song. Musicwise this doesn’t do anything for me. I watched the german final and I still want to slap that jury, especially Mr Raab, good lord, get a backbone man, he was so afraid to give his honest oppinion the whole thing was sad, sad, sad… 9/20

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