The Big 2012 (P)Review – Part 2: Greece & Latvia

We’re running up to the 2012 Contest, all entries for Baku have been chosen and it’s time to take a closer look at what we can expect to see and hear at the end of May. I’m reviewing everything in order of draw: I’ll first give my general thoughts on the countries’ choices, then I’ll subject them to the DIMI test and finally I’ll score them, accompagnied by a predicition of how I think they’ll do in Baku. I’ll be tackling them in pairs & on the menu today: Greece & Latvia. 

3. GREECE – Aphrodisiac

Oh no. Again? Didn’t this kind of song lose its relevance in Eurovision a while ago? I can understand this Paparizou-Javine sound would still be hot in the southern regions of Europe but it remains to be seen which way it will go. It’s got the Paparizou slick routine (which even comes across well on that ‘stage’ in a mall) and clever rhythm but Eleftheria Eleftheriou needs a bit of practice to be able to cope with the combination of choreography and remembering lyrics and singing them well. And how will this sound live. I fear for a Javine effect at the moment. Keep the shoes though. And the dancers.

Checkpoint DIMI:
Daft? No, though they àre crazy in going for this specific style.
Nope – been there, done that.
Nope – been there, done that.
I suppose it could be a light summer hit IF it works live.

Personal score:  10/20 – Prediction: Final (long live diaspora)

4. LATVIA – Beautiful song

There’s something about this that makes me like it even if my brain is shouting: really?! Is it the tongue-in-cheek level? Anmary sure knows how to sell her beautiful song that has been revamped nicely, on a lyrical and productional level. It sounds much more together and makes it more accessible. I just wish her English would be more comprehensible at times. Clever video by the way, I hope they keep going in this direction and leave the presentation in the national final for what it was. And I hope she goes for the long pink dress on stage.

Checkpoint DIMI:
Daft? Definitely – love the tongue-in-cheek tone.
The final version is well produced and the idea behind the lyrics hasn’t been done (a lot) before.
Pretty average, though a clever act that translates the above mentioned idea well could lift its chances.
If people get it: why not? Pretty big if though.

Personal score:  14/20 – Prediction: Stuck in the semi

Tomorrow: Albania & Romania


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2 thoughts on “The Big 2012 (P)Review – Part 2: Greece & Latvia

  1. Greece: this song means nothing to me, gimme a D gimme a U gimme a couple of L’s and that’s it 9/20
    Latvia: this song makes me smile and gets stuck in my head, I think the Swedes will love this. 15/20

    btw, love the Dimi-test 😉

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