I was born in the (not thàt) distant 1980, the year the Irish Johnny Logan won…

Me at ESC

That shirt says “I love rock” by the way, just in case you read something else – you sick mind!

Living in Belgium, working in marketing (even though I graduated in journalism), crazy about movies & music – I call Eurovision my incurable disease but one I’m happy to have! Some key things to know about me *wink*:

Overly opinionated (and of course NEVER wrong) – hence the reviews…
Slightly off my rocker – my friends and colleagues will be happy to confirm *suspicious look*
Guilty pleasures don’t exist – and I firmly stand behind that.

A couple of non-Eurovision favorites: The Cardigans, Björk, Garbage, Goldfrapp, An Pierlé, PJ Harvey, Miss Kittin, Madonna, Coldplay – but way too many to fully list really.

My all time top 5 Eurovision entries – which should give you a bit of a clue about my taste…:

  1. Poland 1997 – Ale Jestem
  2. France 2009 – Et s’il fallait le faire
  3. Iceland 1997 – Minn hinsti dans
  4. Germany 2011 – Taken by a stranger
  5. Estonia 2009 – Rändajad

My favorite winner until now – difficult one…: Belgium 1986 – J’aime la vie (but I’ve been shamelessly conditioned so I blame everyone else – or call it childhood memories)

Have fun on here – always welcome to join me on Facebook or Twitter:
http://www.facebook.com/people/Dimitri-Vleminckx/885795050 or @dimivision


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